>  What is Mukha?

Mukha is a focused online publication that features in-depth, multi format interviews of people form around the world who are challenging the routine and living unconventional lives. 

>  Why Mukha?

Mukha exists to find and present alternative meanings to the word 'success' through the people who are the forefront of redefining it.

>  Sponsorship Specs

All sponsorships are one time costs. Once sponsored, it will stay with the interview forever. 
We offer various kinds of meaningful associations. 


1. Branding at the end of the interview with a small description - US$ 1500/-

2. Branding at the end of the interview with a small description and a mention in the interview - US$ 2500/-
(Please note that this option is only available for brands/ services that the interviewee uses and does not have an issue mentioning the same.)

3. Branding at the end of the interview with a small description and brand colour used to design the interview - US$ 3500/- 
(The title lettering and the images in the interview will be designed using your prominent brand colour)

4. Unique Interview -  An interview presented exclusively by your brand and Mukha. This sponsorship has broad features from heavy custom and collaborative design to an all round content campaign leading up to a premium interview. For a detailed plan with costs, please email us at sponsorships@mukha.co 

> Notes

- The logo must be in PNG format. It'll be a clickable link to any content/ page/ website that you desire to link it to. 

- The logo and the description should reach us a minimum of three days prior to the launch of the interview. 

- We will pair you with the most appropriate interviews. A brief description of the interviewees will be sent to you for approvals after the pairing. 

- If you happen to have unique ideas for associating with us either for your brand or your client, feel free to contact us. We are more than open to great ideas as long as they are meaningful. 

- These are introductory prices. We will be revising them by the end of July. Discounts for bulk purchases are available.

> Reach us

To reserve sponsorships: Shab@mukha.co 
Editorial queries: Yashas@mukha.co