Shooting Okka. / by Yashas

Firstly, we'd like to thank you for the great feedback on Okka's interview.
Since a lot of you wanted to see all the photographs from the cover shoot with Natasha Hemrajani, here goes:

After the 3+ hour long interview and hogging at Gostana (one of our favourite restaurants in Bombay), we knew that our very talented friend, and photographer Natasha would be perfect for capturing the essence of the interview. The following week, we headed over to Natasha's to meet her and Nishant Shukla (one of our favourite photographers again who helped us out during the shoot) to see what we could do. 

Okka performed one of her poems-- "Leakier eyes than thou." Natasha was quickly inspired and opened up a props bag (it had knives, guns and weird wigs to name a few) and we went to shoot in the lanes of the beautiful Parel area. We absolutely love these pictures. 

All images are © Natasha Hemrajani for Mukha.