A BRAND NEW MUKHA. / by Yashas

Novel X Mukha

As you may recall, Mukha launched just over a year ago, in the current public beta version. Our goal was to share amazing personal stories of the people who inspired us and use that as a way to collaborate with you, the global creative community. We had little experience in this space and a burning desire to create Mukha. We did our best.

We have come a long way since. We learnt from what we got right and where we went wrong. From the inspiring interviews you enjoyed, to the glaring errors you graciously ignored. From the feedback from our friends in India, to the suggestions from our community all around the globe. We learnt from you. 

Using this knowledge we are rebuilding Mukha from scratch. 
Mukha will look different. 
Mukha may feel different.
But what won't change are the ‘global-local’ stories you won’t find elsewhere. 

To lead this evolution, we are excited to announce our spanking new partnership with our friends at NovelNovel are a unique design studio that share our values and vision. Our sense of adventure and wonder. Founded by couple Jared and Rachel Rippy, they work out of a futuristic dome in the mountains near Denver, Colorado. With their …… okay. Enough from us. Let’s hear from them:

"Overall, our ambition is to create a stunning visual character for Mukha that speaks as a unique multi lingual platform to engage the world with." - Jared and Rachel Rippy 

Novel Design Studio in the mountains near Denver.

Novel Design Studio in the mountains near Denver.


What about Mukha do you love?
Mukha deviates from the more common online interview form of singular focus with a varied perspective that covers the explorers, adventurers, vagabonds, and cultural misfits from around the world. The details and nuances of different cultures are enlightening and inspiring. It’s interesting to see what others’ concerns and daily life are about, even if it is a small glimpse.

Why did you choose to accept this project?
The intrinsic nature of the project, the focus on community and creating an online vehicle that presents it’s contributors in an intimate way, celebrating life lessons, and personal interests. 

What are your plans for the new Mukha experience?
A guiding principle to the redesign is to elevate individuals visually and engage the viewer with clean simple graphics and a user experience that is innovative but intuitive. Overall, our ambition is to create a stunning visual character for Mukha that speaks as a unique multi-lingual platform to engage the world with. 

We're pretty excited about this partnership and the opportunity to take things to the next level. We will be getting in touch with our community closer to the launch for an exclusive preview. Stay tuned! - Mukha