"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." - Margaret Mead

Mukha brings you stories of inspiring people from around the world who are challenging the routine and redefining the meaning of success. 


As the world enters a new way of being, we’ve begun to question the very meaning of success and happiness. We want to live more fulfilling lives and want our work to be more impactful to others and to ourselves. 

Mukha was created to find the radicals who are at the forefront of leading this change and tell their insightful stories to the world. 


Mukha in Kannada, a language from southern India, means the face of a person. In context, it refers to the persona or the aura of an individual.


Interviews are designed and published by Yashas Mitta 
Business and sponsorships are managed by Sabarinath Kumar


Every interview on Mukha is recorded (video/ audio), manually transcribed and then custom designed. We put in a lot of work so that all interviews are as insightful as possible. 

If you happen to know someone who should be on Mukha, please send us an email with a brief description and appropriate links. We're always happy to hear and tell great stories. 


We maintain a blog that we usually update with behind the scenes of interviews, our journey around the world to find these people and other happenings. Check it out!

Let's collaborate. 



Mukha interviews are always custom designed according to the content and the person we've interviewed. If you're a designer, you could design the header and the content of an interview we'll pair you with. Mail us with your work if you're interested. All designs will be credited.


If you're a writer and you would like to help transcribe/ edit or even conduct an interview, let us know. Please understand that we pick the best possible candidates to ensure we publish great interviews for our readers. All work will be credited.


We try and shoot custom images of the people we interview. If you're a photographer and are willing to contribute to this, email us with your work and your location. We'll pair you with an interviewee based on these two factors. 

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